COLD BREW coffee

To make our cold coffee concentrate we use a high quality cold brewing process.  5 pounds of coarse ground coffee are mixed with 5 gallons of filtered water then left to steep for 18 - 24 hours in a temperature controlled environment.  After the steeping process we use a gravity driven filtering system to create a smooth and crisp brew.  The result is a concentrated coffee nectar that is cut with either water or milk to make a deliciously potent beverage.  All cold brew is kegged under pressure using nitrogen to limit oxygen degradation and maintain freshness.  We serve all our cold brew on tap.  Also available in growlers! 

All 'cafe' drinks on our menu page are made with cold brew concentrate, a milk of your choosing, and flavoring.

Specialty Cold Brew offerings

  • Cold Brew Cascara Tea on Nitro (only available at 717 Center Street)

  • Mysore Mystic (Indian Melange) on Nitro (only available at 717 Center Street)

  • Devil's Net - Cold Brew Concentrate infused with Roasted Chicory mixed with milk and cane sugar.


Past Varietals:

  • Fall Spice Cold Brew on Nitro (Nitro cold brew with a lightly sweetened spiced syrup)

  • Hibiscus on Nitro

  • Dark Cherry

  • Lemongrass and Mint

  • Masala Mystic (Indian spiced)

  • Root Brew (mixed with a housemade simple syrup infused with Sarsparilla, Birch Bark, Vanilla and other secret herbs/spices)