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Imperial Green

Excellent Indian green tea from bio-dynamic estate, light and flavorful.

Moroccan Mint

A delicate combination of light green tea and mint, delicious with honey.

Classic Chai

Premium black tea, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves.  The perfect cup of chai.


Malty, full flavored black tea.  Wonderful with milk.  From the famed organic Indian estate.

Earl Grey

Traditional premium blended black tea with natural oil of bergamot.

English Breakfast

A well-balanced traditional blend of robust Indian black and Keemun teas.


Tart cranberries, rosehips, and hibiscus with sweet orange essence.

Chamomile and Fruit

A herbal blend with natural sweetness and complex fruit flavors.


Sweet & mellow "red tea", similar to rooibos, but sweeter and with slight peppery notes.

Mao Jian Jasmine

Light, but rich green tea with the delicate scent of aromatic jasmine flowers.

Tropical Flower

An elegant blend of premium organic black tea, natural tropical essences and beautiful organic flowers.

Green Tea Garden

Beautiful and full-flavored green tea with spices and berry flavors.






Rich, "breakfast-type" organic black tea from Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon).

Raspberry Black

Complex red raspberry flavor in rich organic black tea.

Green with Mango & Citrus

Buttery mango and passion fruit flavors in a light, healthy green tea.




All our teas come from Davidson's Organics