roasted coffee

All our coffees excluding our espresso are roasted in house at our roastery located at 717 S. Center Street Reno NV 89501. The following are examples of current and past offerings. Please inquire at our stores for current availability.

Malabar Gold Espresso

A super premium espresso with low acidity and tremendous crema roasted to a light northern Italian roast in order to maintain its naturally sweet and full-bodied flavor.  Used in all our espresso based drinks. 

From Josuma Coffee Company.

Carpe diem select blend

light melange | balanced, medium body | grape, lemon, chocolate

Carpe NOCTem select blend

darker blend | dark chocolate, berries


monsoon medley direct trade | 1400m | medium roast | washed | low acid, high body, earthy


crowned Garuda | 1100 - 1300m | medium roast | wet hulled | full bodied | tobacco, cedar, peat


Sidamo Ethiopian heirloom | 1600m | medium roast | washed | balanced, nice acidity | apricot, peach, lemon


Excelso, Colmbia Castillo varieties - Huila Planadas coop | fair trade organic | 1600m | medium roast | washed | chocolate, caramel, toffee


Huehuetenango | fair trade organic | 1600m | light roast | washed | full bodied | cherry, chocolate, almond

costa rica

Dota, Caturra varieties | 1950m | medium roast | eco pulped | great body, crisp acidity | citrus, tropical fruit, berries

El salvador select

Finca, San Jose, Jayaque | top lot coffee fermented with wine yeast, fruity profile | cherry, plum, caramel

honduras select

San Vincente, Yosedis - Sagastame microlot, 100% Pacas variety | 1450m | light roast | washed | red fruit, chocolate, lemon


Kalledevarapura Estate - naturally farmed | 1300m | medium roast | washed | citrus, milk chocolate, toasted nuts

obib eeffoc decaf

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe & Sidamo - G1 natural washed blend | Swiss water process | medium roast | heavy body and nice sweetness | chocoloate, blackberry, caramel